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A brand architect should cover all aspects of its client’s existence. We do exactly that!

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Over the years we have produced hundreds of investor, keynote and sales presentations and dozens of IPO presentations. Developing an effective Power Point presentation is a complex task. We take it from the ground up. From research, the essential messaging structure, scripting, brand harmonization to meticulous production and scripting.


We know all the words. From 4 letter words to sesquipedalia verba.
Little else does more damage than bad copy. Few write well, but everyone - whether they're a CEO or an 8th grader - immediately knows when something is amiss in your messaging. How you're saying it is as important as what you're saying. Your verbal fingerprint is a seminal part of your brands body language. It would take a novel to cover our process. In short, we draw on decades of experience and we revise, revise, and revise again until the prose flows like butter.


Logos and word marks are a discipline we have been pursuing for close to 40 years. Needless to say, we stick with tried-and-true solutions. Trends come and go, but great work does not age. The rules are relatively simple. It's about clarity, simplicity and relevancy. What is not simple at all are subtle cultural and historical connotations, which if overlooked may cause a lot of trouble for everyone involved.


There's a good chance no one is coming to check out your office. There's a good chance you don't have an office. You have a physical store? They're not coming there either. Not yet.

They're coming to check out your digital presence and it's likely they're not staying long. You have minutes at most. Often 10 to 30 seconds to educate them. Often they leave and come back later. You need to be memorable; Bold, brave, beautiful, on brand with a smooth, seamless user experience.

We've been helping clients navigate the digital space since the first websites were created in the 90's.

Web is everything right now but oddly enough, there's a shortage of great, effective web design on the market. There are endless variations of the same shtick: thousands of websites looking very similar to each other. The next prevalent disease; cliché imagery sourced from inexpensive stock photography and illustration vendors. You deserve better. We pride ourselves in building unique, proprietary solutions and imagery.


Why do certain stories grab peoples attention? Why do they buy this and not the other? Many successful marketing stories defy logic and common sense. How is it possible that a focus group gives, repeatedly, an absolute thumbs down to a newly developed office chair, while the public at large embraces it with unbridled enthusiasm and makes it the biggest seller of all time? Our opinion: First and foremost, marketing is all about great listening and observation skills. Great marketers are flexible visionaries.


Printed collateral used to be the top priority in marketing and advertising. As we all know, the digital revolution has changed that, but on occasion, print is still holding its own. We have produced thousands of pieces of printed collateral: brochures, catalogues, annual reports, flyers, POP’s, stationery… the list is endless.

Digital is king but we still love to create beautiful physical objects.


We work in both B2B and B2C sectors, big and small. From household names to startups. Do we have to introduce brand names like Redbull or Kronenbourg?  Or Coca Cola or Molson? Let’s mention Jayman Masterbuilder from Western Canada, where we launched the best selling integrated campaign in the history of the company, which included print, media, billboards and sales centres.

Let’s face it, everyone avoids ads like the plague. However, people will still connect with the right content. Be smart. Be funny. Be real. Be original. Bend the rules. Don’t be a car salesman. That’s how we believe you create a lasting connection between your brand and the consumer.

Digital Advertising
You can’t be everything to everyone all the time unless you have an ad spend the size of a small country’s GDP. You CAN be something to the right audience by creating highly targeted, perfectly timed creative driven by strategy and refined by data, which has become the new baseline for any competing business.


21st century naming can be quite a challenge. There are millions of names already registered and hence unavailable. To find a new compelling name - a ringer - which also relates to the organization’s business, is not easy. Yes, we have a proven methodology and we can pull it off. Some examples… Farapulse Medical, Museum of New or exactEarth.


Every complex human effort needs a blueprint, direction, and a plan. In our case, we mean a messaging strategy, marketing strategy, investor strategy, and ultimately a strategy that connects all these strategies into one overarching uber-strategy.


Curating is a hot word these days. A good curator is able to spot the invisible, elusive yet essential qualities or attributes of things or phenomena, and makes them visible for everyone else by connecting the dots. Many aspire, but only a few succeed. A relatively young discipline that requires true well rounded and deeply educated folks.


Video is a powerful tool. Our range in video production is quite wide. From investor and product presentations to music videos or theatre digital set production, from business to music to fine art.


Interior design is often an integral part of a branding assignment. It is a discipline where a brand comes to life, where the company employees get immersed in it on a daily basis. Our portfolio covers a wide range: office interiors, showrooms, museum exhibits and homes.


This $600 billion industry relies on graphic designers like non other. What are the attributes of great packaging? Knowledge and honesty. Packaging is the last message a consumer is exposed to before he or she uses the actual product. If the packaging underwhelms the buyer, there is no sale. If the designer attempts to face-lift the packaging, he may end up disappointing the consumer and poor sales performance will be the ultimate outcome of a well intended but ill-informed effort.


If we think of a person as a brand, we take notice of his or her appearance, movement, body language, voice, demeanor, humour, opinions or ethics. The same goes for a company or organization. A brand is the sum of thousands of attributes. A rude receptionist or annoyingly persistent line-ups in a coffee chain can ruin even the best visual profile. A good brand has to resonate in every single detail of a company’s behaviour.


Not sure what you need? Maybe you just "need more clients, customers, traffic or funding." That's our jam. Let's jump in a brainstorming session and figure it out!

No matter the challenge, we've probably done it. We've collaborated on GUI development, gaming graphics, product design, events etc. If it's a creative problem, we can find a solution.

Frequently asked questions

Instead of an FAQ, this could be a list of common misconceptions or where companies / brands go wrong. Like "We want to be like [insert successful competitor]"


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How long have you been around?

The partnership that comprises PRIMENGINE has been around since 1986. Since then we've worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects in virtually every industry. See our A - Z of industries we've worked in.

What is your process?

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What is no-code?

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Do you outsource any of your work?

No. A number of our clients came to us from other agencies after having had bad experiences with outsourced work. We do the work ourselves, occasionally getting the help of local freelancers we've worked with for years that we trust can do an incredible job. It's tempting to save money by outsourcing but those savings are always short lived and ultimately damage your brand and will cost more in lost revenue and opportunities down the road.

Do you use themes or templates when building a new website?

In 2020 it doesn't always make sense to build every component from the ground up. This is how development costs have come down in recent years. But it depends on the project, budget and platform / preferred CMS (i.e. Shopify, Webflow, Squarespace etc.). Each project is custom designed to exceed our clients expectations. Sometimes we'll start with a template so we can quickly get a client prepared for investing, and we'll build from scratch when more funding is acquired.

What CMS platforms do you use?

We've built websites in Webflow, Wordpress, Spuarespace, Shopify, and custom coded. Always after carefully assessing what will suit our clients needs.

Are you available for projects?

We've built websites in Webflow, Wordpress, Spuarespace, Shopify, and custom coded. Always after carefully assessing what will suit our clients needs.